CSPPG at the 2022 ISTR and VSSN conferences

Tuesday 28 June 2022

It is summer time and the conferences of the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) and the Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN) are on the horizon. If you are attending, look out for CSPPG members Steph Haywood and Michele Fugiel Gartner who will each be presenting a number of research papers, including:

Supplementing or Supplanting Traditional Giving? Philanthrocapitalism as a Sub-Field of the Philanthropy Field

Previous efforts to theorise philanthrocapitalism have often lacked nuance and/or empirical support. To extend discussion and debate, this paper combines two perspectives: Bourdieu’s social theory and a social relations theory of philanthropy. Accordingly, philanthrocapitalism is conceived as a sub-field of the philanthropy field, characterised by the application of business- and investment-based capitals, habitus, and strategies to philanthropy. Based on this theorisation, and empirical support from interviews with 42 high-net-worth philanthropists, it is posed that philanthrocapitalism as a sub-field is taking capitals from, but distributing its logics with, the wider philanthropy field, supplanting rather than supplementing other approaches to philanthropy.

From Philanthropoid to Foundation Professional: A critical review of the literature

This paper discusses the trajectory from philanthropoid to foundation professional through a critical literature review. Highlighting existing boundary challenges, it first describes the quality of extant literature, including blurry boundaries, multidisciplinarity, US-centricity, and male-dominated perspectives. These literature challenges have left gaps in understanding and a fragmented field of these figures. Despite these challenges, this paper demonstrates how the figure of the foundation professional has been understood – through shifting terminologies and four literature types – within the context of philanthropic events, including foundation incorporations, regulatory actions, and field-level developments. Tracing the development of the foundation professional shows a field shifting from amateur traditions to one evidencing emerging professional influences. These shifts bear consequences for contemporary concepts of foundation individuality, the plurality of the field, and the legitimacy of foundation professional roles.

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