Global Perspectives on Philanthropy and Public Good Book Series

Lead Editors Professor Tobias Jung, Dr Shona Russell and Dr Alina Baluch, Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good, University of St Andrews, Scotland

Published by the University of Bristol’s Policy Press, the Centre’s Global Perspectives on Philanthropy and Public Good book series brings together contemporary research, thinking and knowledge on philanthropy and its relationship to public good. Taking an international and interdisciplinary focus, the Series emphasises engaged scholarship and thinking.

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Forthcoming Titles

December 2022: 

Philanthropic Response to Disasters: Fundraising, Grant Making and Regulatory Challenges

Alexandra Williamson, Diana Leat, Susan D Phillips (eds.)

Abstract: Disasters, of whatever cause and wherever they occur in the world, attract generosity from the public, corporations and philanthropic foundations to alleviate the effects in the short term and help build more resilient communities over the longer term. But, managing the inflow of money, goods and time and then distributing those efficiently and effectively is not straightforward as the countless media criticisms after every disaster illustrate. This book explains why making best use of the philanthropic response to disasters is so difficult and considerations in doing it better. Drawing on international examples, as well as advancing new conceptual approaches, it critically assesses the commonalities and themes in efficient and effective disaster philanthropy, with a focus on priorities for the future.


December 2023: 

American Philanthropy in Global Perspective

Thomas Adam

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