Overarching research themes

Our work focuses on three overarching research themes

Philanthropy: casting, contexts, concepts

  • What are the individual and organizational expressions and motives of philanthropic activities?
  • What are the theories, concepts and sites of philanthropy?
  • What is the story of philanthropy?
  • How are philanthropic practices changing and developing?
  • How does philanthropy play out in different contexts?

Philanthropy and Society

  • How do philanthropy and society interact? What is their relationship?
  • How is the relationship between philanthropy and society developing? What are key drivers and directions?
  • What are the visible and invisible societal expressions, characteristics and activities of philanthropy?
  • What are the effects, impacts and outcomes of philanthropic activities?

Exploring Public Good

  • What is public good? What are its different facets? How is the idea of public good evolving and changing?
  • What is needed for achieving public good? Which areas/services provide public good? What role do philanthropic organisations play in the provision of public good?
  • How can we assess public good? How do we choose and prioritise different forms of public good?

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