PEX through Paintings #10 – “Good Hope Road II”

Friday 7 February 2020

PEX 2020 was an exciting event, a promising first step. Therefore, the painting selected to conclude reflections on those days is Gorky’s “Good Hope Road II”.

Given the turbulent times in which we find ourselves, choosing a painting from another period of global turmoil, the 1940s, seems appropriate. Furthermore, the diverse shapes and colourful imagery in the painting seem to resonate with the vibrant and diverse European philanthropy landscape that PEX 2020 showcased, as well as the various issues European philanthropy faces and presents. Some simple, some complex; some bounded, some loose.

Across the colourful European philanthropy landscape, some patterns and ways ahead seem to be starting to emerge. Thus, let us hope that the next iteration of PEX, scheduled for January 2021 in Istanbul, will be a worthy second step on that road. Till then, there are a lot of action points to do by all parties involved.


This short blog series reflects on ten overarching points relating to the 2020 Philanthropy Europe Networks (PEX) Forum through ten paintings from the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection. All images featured in the series are photos taken in line with the museum’s policy allowing no-flash photography. Free acess to digital versions of the paintings and accompanying information on copyrights are provided on the museum’s webpages at

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