PEX through Paintings #8 – “The abundance of summer”

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Today’s painting to frame reflections from PEX 2020 is Lacroix’s “The abundance of summer”. The reason for that is simple: one thing that the PEX meeting made absolutely clear is the abundance of opportunities and the wealth of insights, expertise, experiences and resources that exists across the set of participants. In that respect, it is a question of nourishing, harvesting, harnessing and utilising them appropriately to drive things forward.


This short blog series reflects on ten overarching points relating to the 2020 Philanthropy Europe Networks (PEX) Forum through ten paintings from the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection. All images featured in the series are photos taken in line with the museum’s policy allowing no-flash photography. Free acess to digital versions of the paintings and accompanying information on copyrights are provided on the museum’s webpages at

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