Community foundations as ‘a very large tent’

Saturday 22 December 2018

Today’s image of philanthropy comes from a panel discussion on the role of community foundations and regional associations of grantmakers in the US. Dorothy Reynolds, at the time president of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, put forward the following idea:

“We think community foundations are similar to a very large tent that brings in all types of people interested in improving the community, even those whose philosophies may be diametrically opposed. But the tent of a community foundation is big enough for all of them.”

Wiley, A., Tower, C., Reynolds, D., Philipp, A., & Lavoie, T. O. H. (1998). The Role of Community Foundations and Regional Associations of Grantmakers as Successful Models. National Civic Review, 87(2), 147-156.


Drawing on some of the findings from our ‘Images of Philanthropy’ Initiative, each entry in this accompanying blog series introduces one image that has been put forward in an academic or non-academic context to depict or characterise an aspect of philanthropy in its different forms and expressions.

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